Thursday, November 19, 2015

Make a Socktopus!

 Cut off the end of one sock about 5.5” away from the end of the toes. This will make the octopus body.

Roll a 1.5” flap on the open end of the sock (it should look like a small winter hat), and cut 8 small evenly spaced slits in the rolled over edge.

Cut the other part of the sock into 8 long, thin strips. Pull on both ends of the strips to roll them into a tentacle shape.

Insert one tentacle into each opening and tie it around the bottom of the body.

Stuff the body with the other sock, and tuck the knots and slits up inside so they aren’t visible.

S  Sew/or glue two buttons onto the body for eyes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Roll Up Pencil Case

1. Take a sheet of craft foam, ours was 8”x12” but you can use any size you like. Fold it in half lengthwise and make a small mark with a pencil every 1/2”, along the fold.

2. Keep the sheet folded and cut in about 1/2“ at each pencil mark. The open back up the sheet of craft foam. 

3. Take a piece of ribbon (48” long) and thread one end through the cut closest to the end.

4. Hold both ends of the ribbon together. Begin weaving these through each cut, down one cut and up the next.

5. Slide you pencils under each area of ribbon.

6. Roll up and decorate!!  We used some extra jewels from our Sticky Mosaics kits - but feel free to use stickers, glitter, or anything else you have around the house!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Orb Factory Receives the Prestigious “Vendor of the Year” Award” from Learning Express

Damien Crocker,
National Sales Manager
Plus Wins Best Arts & Crafts Award for the PlushCraft® Pony Pillow

Halifax, NS - The Orb Factory is proud to announce it recently received the 2015 Vendor of the Year Award from Learning Express, the largest educational toy retailer in North America.

The Awards were presented at the annual Learning Express Awards Banquet in San Antonio.  This award was voted on by the storeowners.

Sharon DiMinico, Learning Express Founder & CEO, announced, “This special recognition is awarded to the Vendor that provides outstanding customer service to our stores, develops new and innovative products, supports our marketing efforts, provides excellent store support programs, and participates as a full partner with Learning Express.”

Bill Bordegon, North American Sales & Marketing Director for The Orb Factory, stated, “Winning the Vendor of the Year Award from Learning Express is a tremendous honor.  We have developed an excellent partnership with their knowledgeable storeowners and home office team, which has resulted in significant increases in their sales of our craft activity brands.”

About The Orb Factory
The Orb Factory Limited is a leading specialty toy company known for its popular brands of craft kits, including: Pixel Pops™, PlushCraft®, Curiosity Kits®, Sticky Mosaics®, Sew Softies™, Glitter Petz™, Imaginista™, Stick’n Style®, and Magnetic Mosaics®.

About Learning Express
Learning Express is the leading franchisor of specialty toy stores, each one locally owned and operated. Learning Express provides an extraordinary shopping experience with knowledgeable sales staff to offer expert advice on choosing the perfect toy, for every child, for any occasion.  To discover more about Learning Express, to find a store near you, or to learn about franchise opportunities, please visit or call (800) 436-8697.

Friday, July 31, 2015

D.I.Y. Bee Box


Bee Boxes provide cover and places to raise young for bees, specifically Mason Bees.  

Make a Bee Box for your garden and it will become a bee's permanent home for nine months or more of its short life as it develops from an egg through a larval stage, into adulthood.  It's important not to touch or disturb your Bee Box once completed until bee activity ceases, about mid-October. 

It might take a while for a bee to move into your Bee Box, since they like to check it out for a while to make sure it is safe and secure.

1. Cut all your bamboo pieces to they are the same length as your aluminum can.  This is a good part for an adult to prep, especially because it's sometimes easier to use a handsaw for this step.  We found our bamboo at our local dollar store!

Be sure to cut the pieces to you leave the node on the end of the bamboo, since we'll be gluing that end.  The first picture below shows the node.  The second two show you what the opening will look like.


 Once your bamboo is cut, it's time to prep the can!

2. This step is optional, but if you want to paint and decorate your Bee Box, you should sand it first!  This will make decorating much easier.

3. Next, use your awl and hammer to create tiny holes in the back.  This will act as a vent so it doesn't get moldy inside.

4. Apply hot glue to the Node end of the bamboo stem and place it to the back of the can.
5. Repeat until you've filled the can.
6. Now it's time to mount your Bee Box.  We used a piece of scrap wood and drilled a hold on top and on bottom and ran sturdy string to fasten securely onto the fence.

7. Decorate your Bee Box - we used leftover jewels from a Sticky Mosaics kit!  Avoid dark colors when decorating, as bee's might see that as a threat.  We used fishing wire to tie the Bee Box to a screw that we placed in the wood.

8. Fill in any gaps between the bamboo with some natural materials found in your garden.  We used lots of dried leaves and sticks.