Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfect Day Planner: On The Catwalk

Coats, dresses, belts and shoes
So many outfits, which one to choose?
When it comes to clothes, you’re in the know
Because you’re the star of the fashion show

Fizzy Pink Leomnade: Mix in a little sprite or ginger ale for a bubbly pop.  Garnish with a strawberry or raspberry for a little extra pizzazz.

Have children dress up in some of mom’s old clothes.  Let them try on a pair of low heels or, if the child is too small, just give them lots of play jewelry (this can be purchased at the dollar store or second hand shop).  Turn on some music and let them stomp down the hallway, striking funny poses at the end.  This homemade fashion show can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.  Remember to make it fun and funny – encourage silly walks and outrageous poses. 

Give child a disposable or kid friendly digital camera and let them play photographer for the day.  Have them fun around the house, yard or, with supervision, the neighborhood.  Watch as they take pictures of animals, signs or flowers.  Or let them invite a friend over to play dress up and then let them make their own fashion shoot in the backyard.  Have the children come up with a ‘set’ for their shoot using toys or furniture. 

Design your own fashion line.  Give kids old magazines and catalogs.  Let them cut out their favorite pieces and glue them, collage style, onto a piece of Bristol board or construction paper.  Encourage your child to pick a theme – keep it simple by choosing a certain colour or season as a guide.  Have them name their line and then present them in their best fashion tv host voice.

Craft Idea:
Stickn’Style Binglets
Girls create their very own fashion accessories with our Stickn'Style Blinglets; a must have for any budding fashionista.  

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