Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Playroom: Pretty Cards

The holiday's are over once again and empty boxes are laying haphazardly around the living room.  The christmas cookies are almost all gone and brittle pine needles seem to be covering the floor.  Children have thrown some presents into the bottom of the toy box - those socks from Grandma are around here somewhere - and have already lost the remote control for that new race car.

Before they forget the holidays, and all the presents that came along with it, gather the kids together and allow them to say Thank You.

Having your child send thank you cards for their gifts is a way to help your child remember who gave them what and how lucky they were this year.  Aside from teaching good manners and gratitude, filling out thank you notes is an opportunity to sit with your child while they practise spelling and organizational tasks.

Because they are most likely going to grandparents, aunts and uncles and family friends, there is no need for these notes to be formal.  Have them use stickers or glue and make it more of a craft.  Let them attach a leftover candy cane to the outside or draw a little picture in the card.

Our Product Idea:
Check out our Pretty Cards; a pack of 8 cards featuring rainbows, hearts and flowers.  Children get to decorate the cards themselves, showing an added effort and thoughtfulness.

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