Thursday, January 13, 2011

15 Way to Make a Snow Day Spectacular!

Stuck indoors?  There's no need to bored!
You know what it sounds like.  It's the excited pitter patter of little feet creeping to the window.  Yells of, 'Hurry up Mom, turn on the radio.  Do we have school?  Do we have school?"  It's their anxious faces and pleading looks as you switch on the morning radio show.  And, finally, it's the unbelievably noisy cheers, hoots and hollers as the school closures are finally announced.  As a child, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more exciting than a snow day!  For a parent, it means your schedule has flown out the window into the blizzard. 

We've decided to provide you with a few ideas to make snow days a little easier and a lot more fun! 

Board Game Adventure: Kids can spend hours playing Chutes and Ladders, Crazy 8's and Twister.  Get all the board games set up and let them play amongst themselves.

Bake Cookies: Nothing is cozier than the smell of baking cookies in a warm house while a storm blusters outdoors.  Practice math and language skills with your kids by letting them help measure and read out the recipe.  If you're feeling adventurous, get out some icing and sprinkles and let the kids help decorate the finished product.

Scrap Book:  Start a scrap book with your child.  Or, pull out their old baby books and look through it with them.  I still remember looking in awe at my little footprints and being amazed that I was once that small.  Kids loving hearing stories about themselves and this activity is sure to make lasting memories.

Help with Chores:  As odd as it sounds to us, helping Mom out around the house can actually be a treat for kids. A fun one if laundry; teach kids how to sort clothes and let them pour in the detergent. 

Scavenger Hunt:  Make up a scavenger hunt for kids.  Give them a list of things to find; something pink, something soft, something edible, etc.  To keep things slightly sane, say everything has to be the smaller than a baseball!

Make Ice Cream Sundaes:  Maybe not a great idea if you're going to make the cookies as well!  Dish out some ice cream and decorate with syrup, gummy bears, sprinkles or chocolate chips!  Get fancy and make a banana split.  This is especially nice if they've just helped fold all that laundry.

Make a Fort:  It's a snow day, which means it's time to break the rules.  Let them make a fort out of pillows, cushions and blankets.  Send them in a flashlight and some story books and you may not see them until Spring!

Have a Dance Party: This is a great way to expel some of that extra energy that can oftentimes lead to irritability and tantrums.  Throw on some music and start dancing around the living room.  Make it a mix of kid and (appropriate) adult tunes.

Movie Time: When it's all dark and dreary, cuddling up in a blanket is one of the nicest things to do.  Grab some popcorn and jump under the blanket for a mid-afternoon movie.

Write a Story or Play: For older kids, encourage them to stretch those creative muscles.  Have them write a story or play and then present it. 

Have a Tea Party: Make invitations, get out the 'good' silverware (or tupperware) and have a Tea Party, Teddy Bears Picnic or Brunch date on the living room floor.

Write a Letter: This is an old habit that is quickly dying out.  Skip the email, and even the phone call and have your child sit down to pen a letter.  It can be to Grandma, a far away friend or distant relative.

Make an Obstacle Course: Another way to burn off all that pent up energy; let them make their own obstacle course (or, if they're little, make one for them).  Have them jump over cushions, run around chairs, crawl under a table and do four jumping jacks in a row.  Kids get a kick out of this and it's really simple to do.

Play Hide and Seek: This is a classic game that is always loads of fun!  Here's a hint; follow the giggles!

Yoga: Get out an extra mat and do some basic kids yoga (or just simple stretches) with kids.  Not only will they feel grown up and love the quality time, stretching is important at any age and is a great way to calm them down before a nap.

A snow day is the perfect time to do be creative.  Check out all our crafts at

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