Thursday, January 20, 2011

Perfect Day Planner: All About Me

Some days are really really quiet
and others are a whirling riot
I can be what I want to be
As long as I'm always me!

Their Favorite!
You don’t have to wait for their Birthday to let them choose the supper menu.  Let them choose what’s on the table tonight, whether it’s pizza, pasta or sloppy joes!  For even more fun, encourage them to help with the preparation.  Having a special supper of their choosing makes an ordinary dinner extraordinary.

My Poster
Have kids make a poster all about themselves.  Let them cut pictures out of magazines, use markers to draw pictures and choose special photos of family and friends.  Place all these things on a big piece of Bristol board, hang up the poster and celebrate your child’s individuality!

Silhouette portraits are a classic art piece that is quickly coming back in vogue.  Sure you can get one made professionally, but kids will love making their own.  Working with a parent or friend, have the child sit on a chair, profile to the wall.  Tape a piece of white paper onto the wall and shine a table lamp onto the paper (so the child is sitting between the lamp and wall, creating a shadow onto the paper).  Have the friend or adult trace the shadow of the child’s head onto the paper. 
Kids will have a blast coloring their silhouette and using their imaginations to trace their hands, whole bodies and anything else they can think of!

Show and Tell
Kid’s love to show and tell!  Next time you’re having a birthday party or just a few of the neighborhood kids over, suggest they bring something for show and tell.  This is a way to practice public speaking and to share something that means a lot to them!  

Craft Idea:

Follow the simple numbered legend to create a masterpiece that celebrates all your favorite things!  With four fun projects, Sticky Mosaics My Favorite Things is a fantastic way to express your inner artist.


wheelerclan said...

We did silouttes of the kids (on card stock paper) for my husband for Christmas, and framed them. He loves them. My 11 y/o son INSISTED on puffing out his cheeks so his is funny, too!

StickyPrincess said...

That's so cute. It's funny how something so old fashioned is now growing in popularity.