Monday, January 10, 2011

Perfect Day Planner: Party Planner

A sleepover, movie day or costume party
Pool party, Birthday or Under the sea
Come over to my house for afternoon tea
Just please don’t forget to rsvp

Kids love parties!  They love planning their own party almost as much as the event itself.  Planning their own parties will only make it a more memorable and personalized experience.  Here are some helpful hints and ideas to encourage children to plan an event they can take ownership and pride in.

The best part of any party is the snacks!  Pick up a box of cupcakes at the local bakery, or grab a boxed mix and let them help you bake them.  Even if it comes from a box, the smell of fresh baked cupcakes is amazing!  It's time to let your little party planner decorate cupcakes for each of their guests.  Once the cupcakes are ready, set out icing, gummi bears, sprinkles, chocolate chips or whatever else you can think of, and watch the creativity begin.  Try to personalize them, maybe using icing to write the first letter of their name, or use sprinkles in their favourite colours. 
Looking for a healthier option?  Pictured above are muffins that have been lovingly decorated.   

Choose Your Games
Since this is all about planning a party, have your child practice classic party games to choose the ones they’d like to have at their party.  Whether it’s pin the tail on the donkey, an egg race, sack race or a dance contest, let your child try a few and pick one or two they’d like to play.  Allowing a child to pick the games they like will give him or her a sense of ownership and creative control over their own party.

It's time to pick a theme.  Perhaps they would like to choose their favorite movie, a pool party, a princess party, a costume or sleepover party; the possibilities really are endless.  Once they have chosen their theme, have them sit down and decide what decorations they would like.  Take them to the dollar store and let them pick out whatever streamer colors they would like.

Make Invites
Let you child know how many children they are allowed to invite, then have them come up with a list.  Once the list is complete, have them colour and design creative invitations.

Need some help thinking of themes?  Here are a few we loved!
Fancy Tea Party, Safari, Space, Barnyard Bonanza,  Circus, Dress-Up, Sports or Olympics, Beach, Gardening, Halloween, Pizza Party, Pajama, Spy or Secret Agent, Tye Dye Party.

Do you have more ideas to add to the list?  Share your favourite party idea in the comments below!

Craft Idea:

Send out your invitations using these precious Tiara Cards and you're sure to get flooded with rsvp's!  Girls not only fill out these sparkling cards, but decorate them with jewels and foam tiles.  

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Anonymous said...

We really like having Beach parties in the basement during the winter! We put on shorts and summer dresses, play beach ball vollyball, make popcycles and read stories on beach blankets!! It's super simple but the kids get a kick out of it on long winter days!