Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Perfect Day Planner: Under the Sea

There's a whole other world deep under the ocean
Where fish and octopi cause quite a commotion
There are mermaids and a pirates treasure chest
And sea creatures who want you as their special guest

Fish sticks or Petridge Farm’s Goldfish Crackers are always a quick and simple idea.  But I’m sure you can be a little more creative than that!
A sure hit is ocean in a cup.  Simply make a few packages of blue Jello.   When Jello is starting to firm up, stick in some dolphin or fish gummis.  Children will get a kick out of seeing suspended sea creatures in a dark blue wiggly ocean. 

Beanbag Attack
Make your very own Shark beanbag throw.  This requires a little bit of prep work, but can be kept for lots of future fun.  Find a cardboard box and cut out a huge shark mouth, leaving big sharp teeth.  Beanbags can be picked up at any dollar store or easily made with scraps of fabric and dried bulk beans.  Have children toss the beanbags into the mouth of the shark, taking a step back each time they get one in.  Whichever child ends up getting the most in wins!

Mermaid Race
In this mermaid-themed party game, each child gets a mermaid tail before participating in the race. A large garbage bag that is taped around the waist or party streamers wrapped around the legs creates the tail effect. The children lie on their stomachs to wiggle down the race course. You can also have them hop if you prefer. The first mermaid to cross the finish line is the winner.

Sea Shell Hunt
 This is a simple but fun game for kids.  Children love searching for and collecting things.  Hide a bunch of seashells around the house or outside in the yard.  Children of all ages will love this treasure hunt.

Any dollar store or pet store sells bags of seashells.  Even better, next time you’re at the beach, bring a bag and have the kids collect some and then clean them with an old toothbrush. 

Craft Idea:
Follow the simple numbered legend to create a masterpiece that gives a whole new meaning to Pop Art!  Make your own underwater scene with Sticky Mosaics 3D Ocean Magic, then slip on a pair of 3D glasses (included in kit) and watch those fish come to life!

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