Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Playroom: Journaling for Kids

Journaling, keeping a diary or starting a scrap book; no matter what you call it or how you approach it, writing and recording thoughts and observations is beneficial for kids.  Keeping a journal allows children to keep a record of what they observe and, more importantly, how they feel about it.  Aside from having a special place to keep their thoughts, journaling improves literacy skills and teaches children how to properly express their thoughts.  

Here are 7 ways to encourage your kids to keep a journal!

1. No Rules
Make sure they know there are no rules in journaling.  They can write, draw, paste in photos or movie tickets.  

2. Take It With You
Although you may not want to encourage them to take it to school, do urge them to bring it along on family vacations or long drives.  

3. Share
Encourage your child to write and present a poem, short story or just interesting entry.  Sharing positive feedback instills pride in their writing abilities.

4. Set Aside The Time
Set aside a certain time for them to journal.  As a child, my bedtime was always half an hour earlier than lights out, which meant that I had to be in bed, but could read or write before I had to go to sleep.

5. Give Ideas
Kids aren't always the greatest when it comes to thinking up their own ideas.  Help them out with little writing prompts; teach them how to write a haiku or acrostic poem, tell them to write about a dream they've had, describe their perfect vacation or write about their hero.  

6. Have a Word of the Day/Week
This encourages a love of new words!  Get them to use their new word in a sentence in one of their entries.

7. Show Don't Tell
Show them how to journal by keeping one yourself.  Share some of your entries.

Sticky Mosaics Dear Diary is a special lined notebook.  Kids really make this journal their own as they decorate it with over 150 shimmering jewel pieces.  Perfect for ages 5+, with diary comes with an adorable sparkly pen and it's own lock and key!   

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