Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Playroom: The Under 5 Craft Dilemma

I’m a Brownie leader, which means I’m constantly searching for crafts for 8 year olds.  I always find tons of fun kits or ideas and they love coloring, painting, gluing and, of course, mosaic’s!

Who's Going to Clean This Up?
Last week, however, I was asked to help out with a Sparks group.  It was a family night, which means that some of these itty bitty 5 and 6-year-olds had their even tinier 3 and 4-year-old sisters with them.  This brought me to the question; what on earth is an appropriate craft for 3-6 year olds?

I didn’t want to give them paint (the community centre wouldn't appreciate hot pink walls).  I also didn’t want to give them anything that they could choke on or that would be too hard to figure out.  I didn’t have time to go around and explain directions to each girl individually – I only have two hands – so it had to be fairly straightforward.  I also didn’t want to just give them crayons and a picture, since that’s something they do all the time.

So, I needed something with no mess, easy-to-do with an original concept! 

I did end up finding a few little crafts (they really liked gluing cotton balls and googly eyes together to make snowman), but I never did find any really exciting cool little kid crafts. 

I’d love to hear your favourite crafts for all those tiny little fingers out there!  

Our Product Idea:
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Play Doh!!!