Thursday, February 24, 2011

New York Toy Fair 2011

Well, we are finally back from the New York Toy Fair, and let me tell you, it was a doozy!  Personally, this was my first fair, although The Orb Factory has been attending for many years.  It was completely overwhelming and thoroughly exciting, all at the same time.  It felt like all the rush, noise and movement of New York City was magically transported inside this one huge convention centre.  

Essentially, for those who don't know, at Toy Fair, we set up a huge booth with all the new products that our team has been tirelessly working on.  Buyers from different stores come around to browse all our new lines and pick out what they want to carry in their stores.  We also have lots of media, bloggers and industry big wigs come by too.

This thing filled the entire Jacob Javits Convention Centre - I've never seen a convention of that size!  I got to walk around a little bit, but it was so huge it would have been impossible for me to see everything. I did get some sneak peaks of all sorts of new toys ready to fill shelves this year (I can say no more, but am certain you guys have a lot to look forward to).   The fair isn't open to the public and no one under the age of 18 is allowed in; it's strictly industry.

The best part about being at the Toy Fair was talking to toy store owners about all our new products.  I got to, finally, take our new kits out of their boxes and show our buyers how they all worked.  It was great to see that they were as excited as I was about all our new lines set to hit shelves very soon!

Check out some photos of our team working away at the fair!

Did I mention we had an 8 foot Statue of Liberty?
It turned out to be a great photo op! 

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