Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Playroom: Time Capsules

The term time capsule was first coined in 1939, although archaeologists, anthropologists and historians have been using these similar techniques for much longer.

Kids have a great fascination with time capsules because they love thinking about the past and the future.  As a child, my family rented a cottage at the same lake every year.  I would put together a time capsule with my little brother, hide it in the woods and then rush back to open it the following summer.  We ended up burying our marshmallow roasting sticks, photos, crafts and little letters to ourselves.  I loved trying to forget everything I put in it and loved the surprise each summer.  My parents probably loved that it kept us occupied on rainy days in a cottage with no electricity!  

Next rainy day, encourage your child to make a time capsule.  Leave it at Grandma's or hide it in the attic.  Let them choose how long they want to leave it for and what they want to put in it.  Try to encourage them to put in different items, like letters, movie tickets, photos and few small toys or everyday objects.

Time capsules are a great way to have kids think about the past, present and future.  Ask what they think the future will be like.  Talk about what people may have put in time capsules 10, 50 or 100 years ago.  

Did you know, that there are four time capsules in outer space right now?  The KEO satellite, is set to launch into outer space in 2012 carrying everything from the DNA of the human genome to letters from school children.  This capsule will return to earth in the year 52,000.  Visit their website to have your letter included in the capsule.  

Give your child a special box to put their special treasures in!  Check out our jewellery boxes and let them decorate their time capsule themselves!  

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