Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Playroom: A Crafty Boy

Boys don't like crafts.  Boys like to roll in dirt, make dinosaur sounds and eat candy.  Boys do like building forts, learning how electronics work and organizing neighbourhood ball games.  So, clearly, boys don't like crafts.  The funny thing is, all these things require hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition and problem solving skills; which just happen to be skills fostered by crafting.

Thinking boys aren't artistic is a common misconception.  Boys probably won't sit around making friendship bracelets or decorate cookies with Grandma (although, if he does he's already got a leg up when it's time to learn math and science).

There are three important things to look at when choosing a craft for a boy.

1. Pick something that is gender neutral or actually geared towards boys.  This may sound obvious, but even a bit of pink or purple can put up a red flag for some young boys who will see the product as 'too girly.'

2. Make sure the product is not too detail oriented.  Boys tend to have shorter attention spans than little girls and don't want a project that is going to take them several hours to complete.

3. Choose something that has a secondary purpose.  Boys enjoy building things like birdhouses, engines or forts because the finished product is something they see as useful.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking all boys don't like crafts.  Crafting develops not only skills that will help them academically; they create a sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done.  A lot of boys don't like arts and crafts because they're not exposed to it after a certain age.  Be sure to keep providing creative outlets and watch their imaginations blossom!

We've got two new kits that are designed especially for boys (although, we know some little girls who are going to love these too).

Sticky Mosaics Crown of Kings is perfect for a group of kids.  Boys design their own crowns and then wear them for imaginative dress up play after.

Sticky Mosaics Curse of the Treasure Chest will appeal to boys with a sense of adventure.  Sail the high seas and collect pirate coin to stash in the secret compartment.

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