Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Playroom: Let's Play Dress-Up!

As a little girl, my mother's closet was a magical place full of dress up clothes and imaginative stories.  I spent hours in a long red and black flowered skirt from Spain; I twirled, stomped and clapped my very own Flamenco show.  I strutted down a make believe runway in much-too-big shoes and admired myself in vintage hats that I still covet to this day.  Clothes became characters, jewelry were props and a simple 4x6 space transformed into a creative world of mystery, adventure and discovery.

When children try on costumes they are actually trying on personalities.  Creating worlds and stories is how children learn.  When children role play, they are making sense of what they see in the world around them.  They are using new words and practicing new actions.  This imaginative play enhances abstract thinking and develops skills children will need later in life.  

Our Stick 'n Style line features jewelry and accessories that little girls can create, design and decorate themselves.  With it's bright colors and sparkly design, the Stick 'n Style Crystal Clutch is the perfect dress-up accessory for any imaginative child.

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Anonymous said...

wow! very nice...I'm sure my daughters would love to have that...they have two older version already...

we are still waiting to see the April winner...any idea when you will be announcing...thanks