Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Kids Wish Network On Tour

One of the best parts of my job is receiving photos of children with their Sticky Mosaic creations.  They're all adorable and smiling and look so happy holding up their finished masterpiece.  The fact that you, the parents, were proud enough to send me a photo reflects the pride in their little eyes at a job well done. 

It makes me think that this is what childhood is about: creating and learning, exploring and discovering.  Unfortunately, not all children have this freedom.
 This summer The Kids Wish Network is touring around the country to reach children in remote areas.  According to their website, they are reaching out to "at-risk children who are living in remote areas and experiencing difficult situations relating to abuse, homelessness, abandonment, and neglect."

At The Orb Factory, we believe in the power of play.  We believe that no matter what the situation, a child should be free to use their imagination, stretch their creativity and be proud of their creations.  So for the month of June, we will be sending one toy for each Facebook like or twitter follower we get!  We want to make this a gift not just from us, but from all of you as well.
We will be sending off all the toys at the end of June, with many going specifically to help children affected by the recent tornado.    

In July, Kids Wish Network On Tour is heading to Yazoo City, Mississippi to help bring joy back into the lives of children who have faced overwhelming circumstances and whose families are suffering from the aftereffects of the recent tornadoes and floods that have devastated the area. 

Pass on this message and make a child smile!

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Kids Wish Network On Tour

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