Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Safety

We all know not to let kids swim unsupervised or ride their bikes without a helmet, but here are some summer safety tips you may not have thought of!

Sunscreen takes time to sink in!  Make sure to apply it 30 minutes before heading outside, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours – or more if the kids are sweating or getting wet.  Always use a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection with an SPF of at least 25. 

Kids are focused on who can ride their bikes the fastest down the street or who can go higher on the swings, not how hydrated they are.  Heatstroke can be very serious and happen quickly.  Give your child is getting lots of water throughout the day instead of pop and sugary juices that dehydrate them more.  If they’re going out to play, send them with a full water bottle and make sure you fill it up regularly.

Whether they’re looking to make a little extra cash or just playing outside while the lawn is being mowed, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children under 12 should not use walk-behind mowers and children under 16 should not use ride on mowers.
Check Summer Camps
Summer camps are a great way for children to make friends and learn new skills.  Research all camps before signing up your children and find out what screening the camp leaders must go through.  Be sure to ask what high risk activities (like swimming) the children will be doing and what safety precautions will be taken.

Car Safety
Cars can get extremely hot and dangerous during the summer months.  Children sometimes play in cars and can get accidentally locked by an unknowing parent.  Be sure to double-check your car and keep it locked at all times. 

Trampolines can be extremely dangerous. Statistically, injuries rise when there are more people using it.  If you do have a trampoline, be sure to limit the amount of kids on it and supervise at all times. 

Playground Injuries
Talk with your children about using the playground properly.  The most common injuries are strangulation, primarily from sweater strings getting caught in chains, and falls.  Metal slides also get hot enough to cause burns in the summertime.

Keep summer fun by talking about safety with your children before accidents happen!
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Jeannine said...

Pool saftey: use locks and alarms for pools. Don't leave children around unattened by pools

mellanhead74 at hotmail.com

lolamichele said...

both bugs and plants are thriving this time of year. teach your kids not to touch any bug or plant they don't recognise. they could run into bees, hornets, fire ants, or poison ivy.

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Snowy Summer said...

It's smart to wear light-colored clothing and shoes during the summertime because they help keep you cooler.


Jen said...

Make sure your windows are secure. There are many injuries with small children leaning against the window screen, which can't take the weight of a child and they fall out the window.