Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Tips for Busy Moms

You’ve spent the summer cleaning cuts and tending to bug bites.  You’ve watched them cannonball off the deck and drip purple Popsicle down their shirts. But now it’s time to pack the backpack and start making lunches. 

Going back to school is a transition for everyone; here are some helpful tips to make this transition easier on everyone!

Visit Beforehand
If it’s a new school for your child, make sure to plan a visit before the first day.  Let them see where their classroom is and, if possible, meet their new teacher.  Knowing what to expect, like where to line up when the bell rings, cuts down on first day anxiety.

Grab Extra Zzz’s
Start adjusting their sleep schedule a week or so before the first day of school.  Have them go to bed and get up a bit earlier each day so they slowly get used to school bedtime! 

Make Appointments
Schedule appointments with the doctor and dentist before school starts.  This means not having to pull them out of class.  It also allows you to address any issues your child may be having before school starts. 

Meet the Teacher
Back to School time is hectic for teachers as well, but be sure to send a quick email or note to your child’s teacher to introduce yourself and to let them know how you can be reached.

Be Available
Clear your own schedule the first week of school in order to be available to your child.  Avoid business trips or extra evening meetings to stay home and help your child form a new routine. 

Keep a calendar in a common area listing extra curricular activities, tests and other events.  This is a visual reminder for children and helps them learn organizational skills.

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