Monday, September 26, 2011

Costume Contest!

From carving pumpkins to bobbing for apples, we love Halloween at The Orb Factory!   

Most of all, we LOVE dressing up!
As a kid, I was sometimes envious of my peers in their shiny plastic Princess costumes and scary monster masks.  And while my Mom sometimes shelled out for a pair of wings or spooky makeup, it was all about homemade costumes at my house.

One year we cut a huge packing box into a circle, painted it green, added a white M and I wore it sandwich board style to be an M&M.  I loved rummaging through my mothers costume jewelry and old clothes the year I was 80’s pop star.  There was also the unfortunate year it rained when I went as a mummy wrapped in toilet paper.

Homemade costumes let kids and their parents to get creative, reuse and recycle household items and work together.  It saves money and creates quality bonding time!

Are you a Spooktacular Costume Creator?   

Send us a picture of your kid’s homemade Halloween costume and we’ll post our winners the week of Halloween.  

Email entries to by Oct. 31st

We’ll send the winner their choice of Crowns of Kings or Crowns of Queens.  Each kit includes 6 historical crowns that kids decorate and design themselves!  


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