Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Carving with Kids

Children love seeing pumpkins grinning crookedly out of windows; it means it’s finally time for costumes, candy, tricks, and treats!  

As much as children love spooky pumpkins, the actual carving is really best left up to adults.  Luckily, there are still lots of ways for children to get involved.  

1.     Picking out the Pumpkin
Whether it’s a visit to the pumpkin patch or just the grocery store, kids love picking out the biggest pumpkin they can carry!  Teach them how to choose one with a good stem and no flat sides.

2.     Cleaning the Pumpkin
This is every child’s favorite part – and probably why the love lack-o-lanterns so much.   Prepare the pumpkin by cutting open the top, getting out some newspaper and a bucket.  Roll up their sleeves and let them get their hands dirty pulling out all the pumpkin’s guts.  

3.     Choosing a Design
Even if they’re too young to do the heavy-duty cutting, they can use a magic marker and draw any sort of funny face they can think of.  Use a washable marker so they can wipe away mistakes and keep going until they are happy with it.  Get them to draw their own instead of copying something off the internet to make sure it’s not too complicated!

4.     Making Pumpkin Seeds
Making pumpkin seeds is both a healthy snack and excuse to get into those pumpkin guts again!  Let them dig through the guts and separate all the seeds, leave them to dry and then sprinkle them with garlic, cinnamon or sea salt to bake a tasty Halloween snack.
5.     Forget the Carving
Let your children pick out some mini pumpkins or gourds.  Instead of carving them, give them markers, glitter and stickers and let them get creative in their decorating.  

Try decorating your pumpkins using left over tiles and jewel pieces from your Sticky Mosaics kits!  

Check out one that I started.  This simple craft is great for any age.
Get extra sparkle tiles here


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