Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions for Kids

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving falls on Monday, October the 10th.  For anyone not in Canada, keep reading and get some ideas for you own celebration next month. 

Aside from getting a day off school and making some paper turkeys, kids don’t tend to get all that excited about the Holiday.  Who knew kids wouldn’t be thrilled for green bean casserole!
This Thanksgiving, why not start new traditions that the whole family is sure to enjoy. 

1.     Create a Centerpiece
While the turkey is cooking, send them outside to collect colorful nature objects like leaves and acorns to make their very own centerpiece.  It can be as simple as filling a pretty basket or a decorating a large candle.

2.     Make a Collage
Give them a couple pieces large colored paper and some markers and have them draw or color things they are thankful for.  Hang it up on the wall while you eat.

3.     Get Competitive
Thanksgiving is a time when family comes together.  Why not commemorate it with a yearly game of football, board game or even charades?  Pick up a prize at the local dollar store and give it to the winner to hold until next year.

4.     A Thankful Time Capsule
Have everyone write down what they’ve been most thankful for this year. Without showing anyone, put them all into a box to be opened the following year. 

5.     Kitchen Helpers
Let children help you out in the kitchen!  Depending on their age, they can help make the potatoes, stir the gravy or even just baste the turkey. 


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