Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballerina Beauty Box

I was never very good at sports.  I literally spent my one year of little league making daisy chains and doing cartwheels in the outfield.  After years of unsuccessfully trying to teach me basketball, hockey, soccer and even karate, my parents finally put me in dance class.  I was pretty uncoordinated and certainly not graceful, but I loved it!  I loved twirling across the room in my light pink tights.  I spent hours tap dancing around the basement and honestly thought I was the coolest thing ever doing hip-hop routines on the playground. 
I loved the little costumes we got to wear for our recitals and was always so proud of myself when I got to step on stage and show everyone what I had learned.

Dance class develops many of the same skills as organized sports, like discipline, focus, cooperation and communication.  Dance develops a sense of rhythm and builds self-esteem.  It is a great source of exercise that is part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Do you have a prima ballerina at home?  Encourage her love of dancing and self-expression when she decorates and displays this sweet Ballerina Beauty Box.

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