Monday, January 16, 2012

Cardboard Adventure Knights

We recently rewarded some of our Facebook fans by sending out some Cardboard Adventure Knight kits!

"Our little ones have great imaginations and put this costume to good use!"

"The pieces for the sword are reinforced with additional cardboard. Thank goodness too! Little One jabbed the sword into the couch. She didn't render it useless since it was reinforced.
The costume provides hours of fun, imaginative play. We were pretty curious as to how the cardboard would stand up with a bunch of 2, 3, and 4 year olds.  It was fine!"

"My son LOVES this!!  We had so much fun putting it together and putting the stickers on.  He's not too into the coloring and decorating with markers....but I bet he'll want to decorate it more in the future and that is fabulous that he is encouraged to draw on his toy and create something that is personalized to him!  I love this product!!"

Cardboard Adventure kits are from our Curiosity Kits line.  This kit comes with pieces of pre-cut cardboard that fold and snap together to create armor, a helmet, shield and a sword.  Use the stickers and markers included to decorate the armor.  Once the craft is created, it's time to use your imagination and create your own heroes story.

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emeraldmaz said...

Very Cute!!!!

sara ford said...

what a great idea he looks to cute