Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Toys for Summer

Rainy Days, long car trips, and ‘I’m bored’ moments? 

We’ve got you covered!

Avoid the summer brain drain by keeping children engaged in creative crafts from The Orb Factory.  From fine motor skills to creative and visual spatial development, crafting develops important skills that can sometimes be lost over the summer months.

Create pretty pillows, funky accessories and colorful wall art with unique kits from our PlushCraft™ line.  Bring a Butterfly Pillow kit on a long car trip and use your finished product as a plushy travel pillow.

Give your tweens a craft kit that lets them express their fierce fashion style.  Send them to summer camp with Crystal Cuffs™ to wear and share or a Cupcake Clutch, perfect for backyard barbecues and afternoons at the park.

Prepare toddlers for school with My First Creative Collage™.  Perfect for developing fine motor skills and pattern recognition, this is a great outdoor craft with fuzzy pompoms and lots of glitter.

About The Orb Factory
The Orb Factory Limited is a leading specialty toy company known for its popular brands, including: PlushCraft™, Curiosity Kits®, Sticky Mosaics®, My First Sticky Mosaics®, StoryCraft®, Stick’n Style®, SparkleUps® and Magnetic Mosaics®. 

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CHELESA sims said...

My daughter would go crazy for the butterfly plush . Anything butterflies with her or any of these products.