Monday, July 16, 2012

My First Creative Collage™

It's sometimes difficult to find crafts for pre-school aged children that go beyond gluing one piece of paper to another.

My First Creative Collage™ is the perfect craft for younger artists.  It explores textures, patterns, and yields perfect results every time.  

Each kit comes with three separate images.  From Dinosaurs to Princesses, there is a Creative Collage for everyone!  Follow three easy steps and create glittering art perfect for hanging and displaying.

Step 1: 
Open one of your templates

Step 2:
Peel off one section of the picture to reveal a piece of sticky backing.

Step 3:
Match and stick the textures (pompoms, glitter, etc.) with the color of the backing.

Repeat until your collage is completed.  Close your template and add the plastic hanger to the back for easy display.

Crafts are especially important for this age group.  Pre-School aged children are little explorers.  They are curious and love to express themselves through artistic creativity.  This craft is perfect for developing fine motor skills and pattern recognition.  This kit instills a sense of pride and ability with a finished product that looks just like the example on the box.  

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