Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Having Fun Indoors


Fall is here!  The air is crisp and the leaves are turning deep harvest colors.  Kids are spending more time inside and you’re going to lose it if you hear “I’m bored” one more time.

Luckily, there are tons of ways to entertain children indoors.  From puppet shows to science experiments, help kids stay creative when stuck inside.

Write a Story
It’s story time!  Older children can type up stories full of mystery and intrigue.  Younger children might need some help writing out their story, but they will sure love illustrating it.  Staple their new book together and read it as a bedtime story.

Make a Club
Make an explorer club and march around the house discovering new lands or create a poetry club and lounge in the clubhouse reciting clever rhymes.  Have them name their club and make a base out of pillows and blankets.  This will keep them occupied for hours while allowing them the freedom to explore their unique passions.

Do a Presentation
If you could learn more about anything, what would it be?  Ask your children this question and watch the wheels turn.  Children love to learn new things, be it an extinct animal, foreign country, or historical figure.  Get them to do research and decorate a poster showing off their newfound knowledge.

Kids love taking ownership of their space, so why not let them redecorate their room?  Maybe they’d like to move around some furniture or just want to add some homemade decorations. Encourage them to make pictures to hang on the wall or paper chains to string along the window. 

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