Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Twitter Party

We're having a Halloween Twitter Party - 

and you're invited!

 From sparkling jewelry boxes to plushy pals, we have the perfect craft kit for every child. 

We invite you to hang out with us for an hour to talk about toys and win fantastic prizes!

Join us Wednesday, Oct 24th at 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Our party hashtag is #orbparty

Follow us on twitter at @orbfactory

Visit our website to view all our craft kits.


Q. What is a Twitter Party?
A. A Twitter Party is a virtual party that happens right on Twitter.  We will lead a discussion, ask questions and give away lots of prizes!  To join the party, simply follow us on Twitter (@orbfactory) and use our hashtag (#orbparty).  To find our party, just search #orbparty in Twitter.
Using the third party site can make things easier to follow.  Suggestions for these sites can be found in the link below.

Q. What is a hashtag?
A. Any word can become a hashtag by simply putting the # symbol in front of it.  This allows you to see not only tweets from the host, but from everyone else participating in the conversation.  Make sure you add the #orbparty to the end of your tweets so others at the party can see what you've typed.
More on hastags:

Q. How long does the party last?
A. Our party will last one hour, from 1pm to 2pm EST, Wed, Oct. 24th

Q. What happens at a Twitter Party?
A. @orbfactory will be hosting the party, so be sure to follow us for reminders and updates.  This is a great way for you to learn about all our new products and for us to hear lots of feedback from you!  We will ask several questions throughout the hour about how your children love to play, how you love to play and what you think of our newest products.  Answer using the hashtag #orbparty so we can see your answer.  We will randomly select a party guest to win a prize with each question we ask. 



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