Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Crafters

Encouraging preschool aged children to get creative is a great way to help them develop their fine motor and problem-solving skills.  It instills a sense of pride, fosters their innate curiosity, and is a whole lot of fun!

The Orb Factory has great crafts that are perfect for our preschool fans!

My First Creative Collage
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My First Creative Collage introduces fun new crafting materials to children aged 3+ and results in the perfect finished product every time. 

Each kit comes with three different Collages.  Choose which one you’d like to do first and open the template.  Peel off the special areas to reveal colorful sticky backing.  Match the pompoms, glitter, fun foam and more to the colors to create a fuzzy, sparkly, and squishy collage. 

Each template includes a hanger for easy display.

My First Sticky Mosaics®
My First Sticky Mosaics® are perfect for the creative preschooler
 Designed in the same fashion as our best-selling Sticky Mosaics® kits, My First Sticky Mosaics® are made especially for our youngest crafters.  Each kit comes with several different templates, but instead of following a numbered legend, children match colors and shapes to peel and stick oversized tiles.

Choose from adorable themes like Ponies, Princess, Pets, Team Rescue, and more! 

Room Décor
This craft becomes a beautiful piece of room decor
Let your little one decorate her bedroom with awesome accessories she’s made herself.  We have jewelry boxes and even a Princess Mirror that preschool ages children can decorate and then use for years to come.

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