Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Create Crafty Kids

I hear from parents all the time that they are always looking for ways to encourage their children’s love of crafts. Sure, they give them paper to draw on and the occasional molding clay, but they’re not sure how to expand past that. Painting is too messy and everything on Pinterest is too difficult.
Because of this, many children miss the educational and creative benefits crafting offers. When parents buy a craft kit from their neighborhood specialty toy store, all the materials are included, the instructions are clear, and the age recommendations are right on the box. Children learn key crafting concepts from these kits that can be transferred to other arts and craft projects.
  1. No Rules Apply!
    “Make your bed.” “Eat your veggies.” “Stop drawing on your little brother.” Kids live in a world of rules and restrictions. Make craft time a rule-free zone. Let children choose which direction to take and watch their creativity blossom. Read the instructions for the kit together, but use them as a guideline only; if your child wants to put glitter here instead of there, let them do it! When you create a craft project without rules, your child won’t get frustrated or stuck on the idea that they’re doing it ‘wrong’.
  2. Gift It
    The Holidays are right around the corner, plus it seems like there’s a different birthday party every weekend, which means you’re always out buying gifts. Teach your children about the true spirit of giving and help them make a special gift. Choose a kit that results in a nice piece of room décor, pretty set of homemade cards, or create some customized jewelry. Seeing how happy their crafts make other people is sure to boost their self-confidence.
  3. Trendy Tweens
    Tweens are always trying to figure out where they fit in and how to express themselves, especially through their clothing and accessories. Luckily, the tween arts and crafts market is growing rapidly, meaning they’ll have no problem finding the perfect kit for their unique style. Tweens love sitting down and making something they can wear and share with friends. A craft kit designed just for them is sure is sure to help them reach their full creative potential.
  4. Mix it Up
    Some children prefer open concepts while others require a more guided play experience. Some craft kits are filled with crafting materials and let children create whatever they want, while others are structured, showing just one way to complete the project. Walk your child through your neighborhood toy store and see which kits they gravitate to. New crafts are an opportunity for both you and your child to get creative!
  5. Develop Skills
    Crafting develops fine motor skills, enhances concentration, builds social skills, and more! One of the perks of shopping at a specialty toy store is the knowledgeable and helpful staff. If your child liked a specific kit, ask them to suggest other products that use a similar skill set, similarly, if there is a skill they need to improve on, the staff will be happy to suggest a kit that will help. 

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