Friday, May 10, 2013

D.I.Y. Dreams

Watching YouTube videos and browsing Pinterest pages leads me to believe that tweens are way more creative than they used to be.  I’ve seen girls making prom dresses out of Duct tape, purses from candy wrappers, and the most intricate little polymar clay creations I’ve ever seen. 

As a tween, I had to wait until summer camp to learn how to make intricate friendship bracelets or beg cool older siblings to teach me how to make my own bedazzled scrunchies! 

With social media, tweens are sharing amazing new crafting techniques.  They’re logging on, learning the basics, and then adding their unique twist. 

Imaginista is a hot new craft line that embodies this exact trend.    

Each kit teaches a unique crafting concept.  They are stocked full of content and include an instruction and information booklet that will take you from beginner to advanced in no time.  Once the kit is completed, you’ll be able to continue growing and personalizing your skills. 

For instance, Imaginista Tie Dye includes a plain white T-shirt and all the supplies to dye this shirt and turn it into a trendy tasseled tote (without sewing!).  Once the craft is completed, tweens can turn any shirt into a similar bag.  They’ll also know all the tips and tricks to create funky tie-dye patterns that they can apply to headbands, shirts, and more!

It’s amazing to see tweens expressing themselves and exploring their creativity.  They’re not only creating totally unique designs, they’re developing problem-solving skills, building self-esteem, and expressing their individuality!  

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