Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Travel Toys

For Tweens

Tweens love creating adorable accessories!  Hours on the road gives them the time to focus on developing and perfecting new skills.  They can even create cute projects to wear and share with friends they meet on their travels. 

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For Preschoolers

When looking for crafts for Preschoolers, be sure to choose something simple and mess-free that they can do independently. 

Our preschool kits are fun, mess-free and allow children to match shapes and colors to create 4 glittering mosaic projects.  
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For Boys

There are a lot more crafts on the market geared towards girls, but that certainly doesn't mean that boys don't enjoy getting crafty!  Boys don't always have as long of an attention span as girls for these projects, so something that can be played with for a bit, set aside, and picked up again is a great travel accessory.

Chroma™ is a travel-ready tin with colorful magnetic hexagons.  Create limitless polygonal optical illusions and structures.  This kit can be used time and time again, is no-mess, and provides endless hours of entertainment.


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