Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Local Toy Company to Play Ball with Halifax

The Orb Factory partners with The Discovery Centre

The toy industry has been bouncing off the walls in excitement for the release of Curiosity Kits® Pulsar Powerballs™.  After being featured on The View in February, several news shows and magazine have rushed to feature the product.  And now that it’s finally available, we want to share it with Halifax!

Visit The Discovery Centre on June 15th from 11am to 2pm for some Orb Factory fun.  At 12:30pm, Kristine Richer, esteemed toy designer and photographer, will discuss what it’s like working at an internationally acclaimed toy company.  Before and after this special presentation, we’ll invite all children present to make their very own Pulsar Powerball. 

Pulsar Powerballs™ is the hottest new product from Curiosity Kits® - a kit that allows you to design and create 5 bouncing balls using plastic molds and magic colored crystals.  Add an LED light and watch them flash and shine when they bounce. 

Curiosity Kits® encourages children to think both critically and creatively while exploring the world around them, making The Discovery Centre the perfect place for a launch party. 

Join us June 15th between 11am and 2pm at The Discovery Centre, located at 1593 Barrington Street - we promise, you’ll have a ball!

        Visit our youtube page to see us on The View:

About The Orb Factory
The Orb Factory Limited is a leading specialty toy company known for its popular brands, including: PlushCraft™, Curiosity Kits®, Sticky Mosaics®, My First Sticky Mosaics®, Imaginista™, Stick’n Style®, SparkleUps® and Magnetic Mosaics®.

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