Friday, July 5, 2013

Go Camping - Tips for Little Campers!

Pitch a tent, fill up the RV, or rent a cottage.  Camping gives children a chance to unplug and explore nature. 

Take a Hike
Take older children on a long afternoon hike and stick to a short walk in the woods with younger children.  Wear sturdy shoes, bring lots of water, and don’t forget the bug spray.  Encourage kids to identify bugs and trees and keep an eye out for forest animals.  If kids start to get bored, encourage them to sing songs as they walk or stop for a quick healthy snack. 

Everyone loves a campfire! 
Have the little ones collect firewood and kindling while you teach them about fire safety.  Once they’ve found the perfect roasting stick, grab the marshmallows.  Squish a freshly roasted marshmallow and piece of chocolate between two graham crackers and create the perfect s’more.
Campfire is the perfect time for songs, stories, and winding down after a busy day.

Between afternoon hikes and late night campfires, children can get pretty tired.  Enforce an hour of quiet time after lunch.  Send them back to their tents or bunks for an hour to read, nap, or do a craft.  Pick up one of our travel friendly kits, make friendship bracelets, bring a sketchpad, or let them to relax with a good book.

• Bring a first aid kit.  Show children how to perform simple age-appropriate first aid.
• If you’re camping near a lake, be sure to talk about water safety.  Children should never swim unsupervised. 
• Know your surroundings.  Are there ticks, poison ivy, or dangerous animals in the area?  Make sure both you and your children can identify them and know what to do in an encounter.
• Do you know what to do if you get lost?  Bring a cell phone, compass, and whistle.  If you do get lost, find shelter and wait for help. 

Does your family love camping? 
Share your favorite camping memories with us for a chance to win a travel craft kit prize!  Leave a message in the comments for your chance to win.
We will randomly draw a winner on August 1st, 2013



Triplet mom said...

we haven't gone camping yet but hope to - we do love roasting smores though

Elena Reyes said...

My favorite camping memory is pitching a tent with my husband in the middle of the storm and cuddling close to each other with our three children inside afterwards. It was the best worst moment ever!!!

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