Monday, August 26, 2013

Toothy Traditions

When a child hits the age of 6, something magical happens that seems to rival the excitement of Christmas morning.  Grown ups often cringe as their pint sized progeny run towards them, mouths agape, proudly wiggling that first loose tooth.  

Adults sometimes forget the sheer elation of wiggling a loose tooth.  I recall once loosing 3 teeth within a two days and thinking that this was the best, most awesome, thing that had ever happened to me - the fact that this meant multiple visits from the Tooth Fairy probably didn't hurt either. 

Whether a child pictures the Tooth Fairy as a glittering little fairy or an overweight man in a tutu (I've heard of both) doesn't matter.  The magic transformation of incisor to shiny new coin is enough to mark a lost tooth as a monumental occasion.  

Some children find glitter by their pillows and some leave notes, some get some extra pocket money while others receive a new toothbrush.  It's clear that while toothy traditions may vary, the excitement of reaching this special milestone is universal.

Why not start a new tradition?  Sticky Mosaics® Tooth Fairy Trinket Box lets children decorate a sparkling Trinket Box containing a special satin pillow, perfect for lost teeth.  It also includes a glittering pen and special paper for writing a note to the Tooth Fairy.

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