Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Science All Around Us

Science isn’t just for the lab!  It’s easier than you think to enrich your children’s education outside the classroom.

1.     Science is Everywhere
Get in the kitchen learn all about the science of cooking!  Watch bread rising or use vinegar to turn cucumbers into pickles.  Science is outdoors in the water cycle and in local plant and animal life.  It’s in our bodies when we get sick and need to fight off infections.  It’s even reflected in the night sky. 

2. Get Hands-On
Children are naturally curious about how things work.  Are you going to throw out that old remote or computer monitor?  Go ahead and open it up.  Dissecting old electronics is a great introduction to engineering.

3. Follow their Interestes
It’s common for children to take an interest in one subject and want to explore everything about it.  Encourage their inquisitiveness by taking a trip to the library.  Interested in marine life?  Take a boat tour or visit an ecological center.  Do they want to learn about different plants?  Help them start their own garden.  

4. Museum Day
Lots of museum have free nights or even offer season passes.  Sign up for a mailing list so you’re aware of new exhibits and special events.  From reptile shows to solar system exhibits, museums always run special programs for children.  Don’t forget zoos and aquariums as well!

5. Try a Science Kit
Science kits are perfect for rainy days, holidays or just a weekend afternoon.  Look for a kit that includes all the materials needed along with clear and concise instructions.  With such a wide variety on the market, there is certainly one available that will prove to be a great teaching tool for both you and your children!

Curiosity Kits® encourages children’s natural curiosity by combining art and science into one thrilling and easy-to-use kit.  Lava Rock Volcano is a classic science kit with a modern twist – instead of just learning about the basic chemical reaction, children actually assemble and paint their own volcano.  The unique tube, funnel and squeeze bottle allows you to control the size and timing of eruptions. 

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