Friday, December 6, 2013

Super Stocking Stuffers

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Why should you include craft kits in their Stockings this Holiday season?

 1. Give the gift of creativity - not cavities!
Stockings are generally filled with reindeer-shaped chocolates and festive sweets.  Mix it up and include something that won't necessarily lead to mid-day tummy aches.

2. A little quiet time
Stockings are often the first thing children rush to open on Christmas morning - probably while you're still in bed!  A craft kit is the perfect thing to keep them occupied, giving you time to brew some coffee and start your day.

3. I'm Bored
There's no better way to keep children entertained while visiting relatives or waiting for dinner. Because our kits use illustrated instructions and are mess-free, children can create amazing crafts all by themselves!

Don't forget to pick up a crafty stocking stuffer this Holiday season!

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