Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bleach Spray Shirt

1. Draw a simple image, using the marker, onto the freezer paper.  This is the image that will be on your shirt!

2. Cut out your image.  We are going to use the negative image for our design, but you can use the shape you've cut out for a different look.

3. Lay the freezer paper on the shirt where you want your image to be.
4. Use an iron to bond freezer paper to your shirt.  Make sure you create a good seal to ensure nice crisp lines on your design.

TIP: Before Step 5, lay a piece of cardboard or thick cloth between the shirt so the bleach doesn't run through to the back of the shirt!
5. Fill spray bottle with bleach and lightly spray your image - make sure you have an adult help with this step!
6. Blot your image as you go along so it doesn't absorb into the shirt too much, causing it to bleed.

Once your image is dry (a couple hours) peel off the paper and wear!

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